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Streamline Your Communication: Automated Alerts and Dedicated Chats

Leverage our communication and alerts functionality to enhance response times and coordination. Revolutionize your home services business management.


Smooth Visit Reminders

Showcase your dedication to superior customer service with timely visit reminders.

ReConto auto-sends email reminders to clients a day before and on the visit day.

Premium users also enjoy text message reminders for amplified communication.


Comprehensive Visit Reports

Document and share visuals and explanations of completed work during checkout.

Maintain transparency by providing reasons for visit cancellations.

Relay comprehensive information about finished work to your account manager.


Seamless Payment Reminders

Auto-send payment reminders to assure punctual collections.

Maintain a professional image by sending friendly and timely reminders.


Dedicated Customer Chats

Leverage client chat functionality via the ReConto website or mobile app.

Communicate with clients instantly for swift responses and problem-solving.

Strengthen relationships through direct, accessible chat communication.


Task-Specific Chats

Keep all task-related conversations organized within a specific chat tab.

Cultivate client relationships through engaging conversations during task execution.

Achieve superior results by keeping communication channels open.


Team-Specific Chats

Leverage team chat functionality on Android and iPhone for real-time communication.

Boost productivity by communicating directly with each work team.

Coordinate tasks, share updates, and track progress within team chat.

Stay connected and informed on the move with our platform's communication and alerts feature.

Accessible on mobile devices, manage your home services business anytime, anywhere. Respond swiftly to inquiries, concerns, and feedback, ensuring a positive and engaging customer experience.

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