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Enhance Your Project Discussions with Our AI-Powered Virtual Advisor!

Meet your virtual advisor, powered by the ChatGPT core

ChatGPT was seamlessly integrated into the ReConto platform, creating an AI advisor that is here to guarantee that your projects are executed with utmost efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and adherence to industry standards. The advanced AI technology provides invaluable support, ensuring that your home improvement or repair endeavors reach new heights of success.


24/7 Virtual Assistance

The Virtual Advisor is available round the clock in the Task feature to answer your queries, making business management efficient.

No need to wait for business hours or customer service representatives. Get answers immediately.


Secure and Confidential

Your data is safe with the Virtual Advisor. It follows stringent data privacy protocols.

The client's information is encrypted and confidential.


Enhanced Customer Interaction

The Virtual Advisor can interact with your clients, helping them understand their needs better.

It can explain your service offerings, answer their queries, and guide them through the decision-making process.


Boost Collaboration and Achieve Client Satisfaction with AI-Powered Assistance!

Unlock the potential of AI in your project collaboration with our Virtual Advisor! Leverage the power of our AI assistant to enhance project discussions, enabling efficient work definition, design, and agreement with your clients. Benefit from AI's ability to ensure utmost efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and industry standards compliance, leading to successful home improvement or repair endeavors. Experience a new level of collaboration and client satisfaction with our advanced AI technology by your side.

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