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Minimize running errors and have clear and easy documentation to complete the project

Our PROJECTS functionality revolutionizes collaboration between you and your clients. With a dedicated chat, you can communicate effectively, exchange messages, and address any concerns before and throughout the project. Enhance clarity by attaching PDFs, photos, estimates, and invoices. Once the work is completed, easily request feedback and conveniently offer online payments. Experience seamless project management with ReConto's this functionality, ensuring efficient communication and streamlined processes from start to finish.

Flexible Online Payments

Get your money faster.

Spend less time collecting payments and focus on growing your business.

Ensure secure and reliable online payment processing for enhanced peace of mind.


Collaboratively define the project to be performed

Work together with your clients to define exactly what they need.

Add photos and documents to provide clarity and context.

Easily schedule visits as part of task management.


Receive job-specific feedback

Get valuable feedback on specific tasks upon completion.

Receive ratings from 1 to 5 with comments for detailed insights.

View graphs that depict the evolution of client satisfaction over time.


Chat dedicated to understanding the need

Keep all task-related discussions organized within a dedicated chat tab.

Foster client relationships by having meaningful conversations throughout task execution.

Deliver exceptional results by maintaining open communication channels.


Formalize projects with estimates

Generate professional estimates and invoices directly from project details.

Monitor estimates, invoices, and payments within ReContoPro's unified platform.

Leverage ReContoPro's payment functionalities to streamline the billing cycle.


Enhanced Client Satisfaction

Easily access agreements and address improvement areas during client visits.

Use client satisfaction data to make informed decisions and prioritize improvements.

Foster collaboration among team members by sharing client satisfaction and improvement insights.

Streamline Collaboration, Boost Satisfaction, and Minimize Rework with ReConto's Projects Functionality. Interact, collaborate, and document project details effortlessly, ensuring a clear understanding of the work to be done. Leverage AI guidance to align work with formalized estimates or invoices, reducing rework and ensuring customer satisfaction. Experience seamless collaboration, enhanced efficiency, and increased client satisfaction with ReConto's Projects functionality.

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