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Maximize Efficiency with Smart Routing: Streamline Supervision and Unlimited Visits

Harness the power of intelligent route planning and supervision to minimize costs, decrease travel time, and boost your home services operations' overall efficiency.


Effortless Visit Scheduling

Quickly add or remove visits while optimizing routes in real time.

Keep team capacity in mind while creating routes for seamless scheduling.

Notify customers promptly about any changes in visits.


Comprehensive Visit Reports

Monitor check-in locations and timestamps for enhanced supervision.

Capture essential details like photos, timestamps, and GPS data for precise work documentation.

Keep customers engaged with alerts for upcoming visits and appointments.


Effective Team Supervision

View multiple teams' upcoming visits on a map or calendar.

Assign new clients or visits based on team availability and proximity.

Coordinate multiple teams for smooth operation.


Real-Time Delay Alerts

Instantly identify visits that might be affected by route delays.

Address potential delays promptly to ensure timely service.

Maintain clear communication with your team members for smooth operations.


Intelligent Routing with Google Maps and Waze

Stay updated about traffic conditions for smooth and quick visits.

Reduce travel time by leveraging Google Maps or Waze.

Receive alerts and alternate route suggestions to avoid traffic congestion.


Detailed Customer Data

Access in-depth work descriptions, performance evaluations, and improvement commitments.

Deliver personalized service based on detailed client history.

Make informed decisions backed by rich client data.

Say farewell to inefficient routing! Take charge of your field operations with our intelligent route planning and supervision features. They provide real-time tracking, notifications, and alerts to ensure efficient execution and high customer satisfaction in your home services business.

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